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For years, the legal review process has relied on overworked and underappreciated teams of associates and paralegals sifting through hundreds or thousands of pages of material. Worse yet, the vast majority of content was irrelevant to the case at hand, focusing on a needle-in-a-haystack scenario that was time consuming, costly, and required tremendous manpower to complete.10 Tips for a Successful Document Review

While legal document discovery in the modern age is still a thankless task, the process has been streamlined and automated in ways never thought possible.

The digital revolution of electronic file storage and transmission has taken the world by storm —and the process of legal document review is no exception. Where document reviews once involved experts pouring over filing cabinets packed to the brim with papers and carbon copies, the ubiquitous application of digital file storage in legal firms has moved the playing field from the desk to the computer screen.

This process has worked wonders for efficiency and reducing the cost of discovery, but it also presents a new set of challenges for legal reviewers to overcome.

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